MAP 47: The Sanctuary of Magic

Well, it’s done.  Sorry.  We both got busy with the worst possible timing.

Marich and Linda head down to Khadein.  What will they find?

Things to address after our long absence:  (And again, sorry for taking so long only to ramble on.  If I knew you all, I’d buy you ice cream/froyo/something lactose free.)

  1. We do not need any assistance at this time.  If we ever do, one or both of us will announce it.
  2. I am not in this for likes, attention, money, etc.  I am a scientist.  To me, this is an intellectual interest above all else.  I know that a couple years ago, I may have said something about money.  However, that me no longer exists in this world.  I am not the mere high school boy I was then (I hope).  Of course, I also really appreciate your feedback, and it really brings me joy when you share my enjoyment of this project and Fire Emblem.
    For examples of what this is not, take PewDiePie and DarkSydePhil, two Machinima directors.  Subscriber count has blinded them, to the point where it’s all they care about (After all, they get paid for views, not content quality.  Is it any wonder why Nintendo is cracking down on LP’s?).  They don’t care about feedback, they don’t listen to their fanbase, even going so far as to insult them, and they don’t like what they do, to say nothing of moral character.  I do care about you, I will listen, and I enjoy this.  In short, I want the “likes” to be an honest reflection of the project’s outreach, and not just a stupid stat that has completely lost its meaning.
  3. Finding my actual name on FB is not a good way to show your appreciation.  It’s not difficult, and I won’t be impressed.  I will only add people I know.  Besides, it comes across as stalking.  Believe me, I don’t want to come across at a jerk.  Forgive me if that’s what it sounds like, or don’t.  The choice is yours.  (I watch too much DCAU.)
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask me when a new chapter is coming out.  I won’t judge you.  Sometimes I need a good poke to get going.  Truly, I do enjoy your enthusiasm.  Nothing’s worse than a dead community.

Well, that’s all the PR I have for now.  I hope I haven’t offended you.  Please try to take what I say to heart, and I’ll see you next chapter (I hope).  *bow*

MAP 46: Before the Storm…

Let’s check up on the Orleans rebellion.  Meanwhile, things start to settle down in Gra, but does Marth?

Too slow…  Homework is the worst thing.  I shoulda been a musician.

(Random thought:  Batman > Superman.)

MAP 45: Disarrayed Spirit

Marth encounters General Jiol!  But first a scene from Marth’s past…

Yeah, two chapters in one month!  Isn’t that nice?  Merry late Christmas.  Or early, depending on how you look at it.

Oh, also.  Have you been getting some dumb popup that says “Free Web Hosting?”  Try to find an add-on for your browser that selectively blocks scripts.  For example NoScript for Firefox.  Block the script from  I think the site40 scripts are okay.  I need them for uploading.  You might for the reader.

(Random thought:  Dr. McNinja.  It’s better than Naruto (yes, it is).  Read it.)

MAP 44: Destiny’s Adagio

This chapter will be hosted on a different website because site40′s being a jerk.  Sorry, but downloading will be more troublesome for you.

The issues have been fixed.


Minerva rescued.  Marth prepares to storm Gra fortress and find General Jiol…

Erg…  sorry for the wait, guys.  This is even longer than normal, I know.

(Random thought:  I fail.)

Map 43: Sorrow and Betrayal

[Chapter has been fixed!]

Minerva has Klaus at knifepoint.  Will she succeed in killing Klaus and avenging those who died?

Not much to say here.  Done with Volume 9, though, that’s something.

(Random thought:  Arrow is a pretty cool show.  (Based on the DC comics hero “Green Arrow.”  One of my favorite Justice League members.))

A big development my end!

Hey, it’s Foxie writing for once. With regards to the translation progress, my mother is officially off the hook! After giving her a massive box of chocolates (which may as well have been a big birthday present…), it essentially means that one aspect of my job is done.

Whilst that’s lovely and all, I also have a present for those that may benefit from it. I have uploaded the earlier files (you know, vols 3-6?) onto SkyDrive. Which means that you should be able to read it online without downloading!

You might have to use F11 to get a decent size (not recommended if you’re at school though…!) or otherwise open up the whole file. When reading online, just make sure that the files are sorted by name and not by date created, as otherwise it won’t necessarily be in order. In any case, fiddle around with it and, if you want to, the option of downloading is still there.

We’ve just finished with Map 23, which is half way through Volume 5. Updates are pretty much monthly, so logically speaking it should be finished July 2013 (!!)

Hope you like.

Chapter 42: Demon

So Marth has been saved, but what is Klaus up to?  Are they giving up, or is there something far more sinister afoot?

All right!  Finally got this one out.  The wait is over!

(Random thought: 0000111111111111:  One line infinite loop (LC3). (BRnzp #-1))

Chapter 41: The Black Knight

Last chapter, Marth was in serious trouble!  What happened?  What will become of Minerva?  Find out in this next installment!

Huhhh…  Exams…  Such is the life of an engineer…  Fortunately, wave one is finished.  Unfortunately, reinforcements will be arriving soon.

(Random thought:  Wow, this site actually gets spam posts!  I never show them, of course, but still…)